Since 2011
To go beyond time to be timeless and continue to shine brightly.
A beautiful flower or a foreign landscape that you think of as you paint, antique parts or moreover things that you have bought personally and a representation of all these things coming together, something that you can look at again after many years and still find it to be new. Something you loved and used regularly forever. Our aim is to make good products, and create designs that are not transient in any way whatsoever.
Beauty not affected through time, and for the pursuit of beauty itself, Auriga is very specific in choosing the correct processes and handicraft by which our goods are manufactured. By adding just one thing, putting on just one accessory, you can change the impression that your attire will have, from that of very normal to that of a very attractive one. We suggest you step outside the boundaries of “simple accessory” and try something a new way.
For those discerning, creative people who continue to do what they love doing.
Creative Designer
羽太快枝 / YoshieHabuto